The Pink Room is a beauty studio located in Toronto; It opened its doors officially in June 2019. The Pink Room was founded by Maria Sotelo, a nail technician and beauty enthusiast who specializes in nails and nail art. The Pink Room is a full service beauty bar, with services including manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, nail art, body contouring and lymphatic drainage, teeth whitening and newly introducing cosmetic injections with our registered nurse.


The Pink Room was designed and created by the owner herself, Maria Sotelo. From a design perspective, Maria was inspired by the essence of women, whilst creating a space for people to come and feel empowered, inspired, and motivated. The goal was to have people feel their best and on top of that leave the Pink Room looking their best.
When entering the Pink Room, you feel as though you have just entered an oasis. The energy is exonerated throughout the décor as there are beautiful pink walls, contrasted with earthy vibrant greens- You feel as though you have stepped into your clubhouse fantasies with a Miami feel.


Maria Sotelo has been in the beauty industry for 10 years.
She has always been creative rooting back to early childhood being

passionate about painting and drawing. Maria was artistically

self-taught and through business Maria has found a real passion
in self-development and empowering herself and those around her.

At the age of 23 she branched off as an entrepreneur and has

prioritized elevating herself and challenging herself within her

business endeavors. The Pink Room was established in 2019

and in 2021 she has now launched The Pink Room Academy.






Arelí is a Certified Holistic Body Care & Contour Specialist. She has 4 years of experience and knowledge in her practice. She offers exclusive treatments such as our Signature Lymphatic Drainage Massage, along with non-invasive Body Contouring treatments. Areli’s top priority is to empower women to feel confident in their own bodies and to aid women in beginning their journey into wellness and body positivity.


Areli is extremely passionate about her craft, the growth in personal and spiritual development, ancestral wellness, and holistic approach to living, body care and beauty.  


Her goal is to continue to expand my knowledge as a Holistic Body Care and Contour Specialist, share her skills with all of you and assist in the journey towards your internal and external physical goals.


She looks forward  to working with all of our clients,  towards your holistic body care and contour needs. You will feel renewed, reenergized and rejuvenated after a session with us at The Pink Room. 



Ivana is a local Nail Artist know for her creativity, kind heart and bubbly energy. Her passion for nails started at a young age during her trips with family to the salon where she observed women getting their nails done who left with an extra spark in their step. 

Nails became a form of deep expression both for herself and her clients. Ivana’s mission is to help her clients leave with that same extra spark in their step, a lot of joy and an increased sense of confidence. When she isn’t making a client's nail art vision come to life, you can find her reading, doing something creative, or laughing, which happens to be her favourite hobby.


Ivana looks forward to seeing you and hopes to bring a little more sparkle to your life soon!



Camila is a Whitening technician, you’ll never catch her walking around without a big smile, very fitting to her brand. She is fully certified in Teeth Whitening and has thorough experience with all types of smiles. Camila is a very personable, and professional technician, who strives to make everyone in her chair feel comfortable and confident.

Camila believes the secret to a great smile is whiter teeth.Through teeth whitening she has found a passion for helping others look and feel great. She looks forward to learning more, and conquering the beauty industry. Stay tuned for much more from Camila!


The Academy


The Pink Room Academy presents a Nail Enhancements and Gel Extension Introduction Course.


In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about creating gel nail extensions. The duration of this course is a total of 3 days and 8 hours per day.


Students will receive a certificate of attendance following those 3 days and at a later date they will perform and present a full set on a model to receive a Certificate of Completion by the Pink Room Academy.

Image by freestocks

With this course, you will receive a kit including everything you will need to create nails on your own; including machines, tools and products. You will also receive a detailed manual with theory accompanied by illustrations- making it so that you can continue practicing even after the course is completed. This course is designed to set you up for success and teach you how to become a successful nail technician.


Whether it’s working for yourself or at a salon, you will be equipped with a great amount of skill set. The Nail Enhancements and Gel Extension Introduction Course is 3 days long with in class lessons, live video tutorials explained and hands on training.


Image by Scott Webb
  • Nail Enhancements explained

  • Introduction to Products and tools

  • Nail Anatomy

  • Enhancement Anatomy

  • E-File Bits Explained

  • Cleaning and Sterilization

  • Infections and Safety

  • How to Prep Nails and perform Manicure

  • Nail Shapes

  • How to create nail extensions

  • Removal

  • Nail Art

  • Intro to Business Start Up and Marketing

Partners that you have:

Bio Seaweed



For Course Session:
OCTOBER 23, 24 & 25, 2021

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What’s the availability like at The Pink Room?

We are open Monday - Friday 11-7 for nail services.

Body and teeth services are open on weekends.


We are a high demand beauty studio please take this into consideration when booking. Our first Priority is always to accommodate our clients

Are services by appointment only?

We encourage all our clients to make appointments, however if available, last minute slots are posted on our Instagram

What type of payment do you accept

We accept cash, debit and credit.

How is the traffic in the area?

Yes, we are located in the centre of ongoing construction. There is a lot of traffic especially during rush hour.

Please give yourself extra time to commute, park and arrive.

Is there parking?

There is a green P parking lot located south east of the shop. Or you can park directly on Eglinton Ave., West except between the hours of 4 and 6 PM.

After you have parked pay on the green P app on your phone, and use the code crosstown for free parking. If you need help, we can help you once you arrive.

How far in advance should I book my appointments?

We suggest clients book their following appointments At the end of every service.

New clients are encouraged to book a week ahead minimum

If you have specific days and times that you need, please book a couple weeks/month ahead

Are different lengths different prices?

Yes, since it takes more time, skill and product, prices go up as length gets longer.

How long should I keep my set for?

The recommended wait time between refills is no more than 3 weeks.

When do I get a new set?

We usually recommend 3-4 fills before a new set is booked. Some people might need it sooner, depending on your growth rate growth pattern.


Some people’s nails can grow downwards, or side ways altering the original nail shape and look.

What causes lifting?

There are many factors that can cause lifting. Long wait times during re fills, rough handling, constant tapping, pushing with the nails etc


Also some clients naturally have more lifting due to thin or oily nail beds. We will let you know if we think you should book more frequently to avoid this.

How do I take care of Gel nails ?

Avoid: constant water (wear gloves when possible), banging, picking under nails, putting in your mouth, using as tools (opening boxes, envelopes, peeling labels etc)


Make sure to: be gentle, use cuticle oil (daily), get refills regularly



1120 Eglinton Ave W,
Toronto, ON M6C 2E2

Nail Services
Monday - Friday 11am-7pm


Body & Teeth Services
Open on weekends

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